Oral History in the UK
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Observing the 1980s

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://blogs.sussex.ac.uk/observingthe80s/

Oral History Journal (@oralhistoryjour) on Twitter

(en) Viewable only on Library premises The Journal of the Oral History Society, publishing artic... (en) Archived date: 2018-08-31 https://twitter.com/oralhistoryjour/

Oral History North East


Oral History Noticeboard, The

(en) Viewable only on Library premises A blog for people involved or with an interest in oral hi... (en) Archived date: 2015-07-21 http://oralhistorynoticeboard.wordpress.com/

Oral History Society (OHS)

(en) Viewable only on Library premises The Oral History Society promotes the collection, preserv... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-20 http://www.ohs.org.uk/

Oral History in Higher Education Network (OHHEN)

(en) Viewable only on Library premises The Oral History in Higher Education Network wishes to pr... (en) Archived date: 2017-08-26 https://ohhen.wordpress.com/

Oral Testimony


Pilton Story, The


Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre, The

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.archive.pettrust.org.uk/

Plunging into History - Stories from Ironmonger Row Baths and Beyond


Pool of Memories - Moseley Road Baths, Birmingham

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.poolofmemories.co.uk/

Ports of Call: Walks of Art At The Royal Docks

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.portsofcall.org.uk/

Project Pigeon

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.project-pigeon.co.uk/

Quarry Voices

Already archiving main council site (en) Archived date: 2012-10-31 http://www.plymouth.gov.uk/quarryvoices/

QueenSpark Books - Brighton & Hove's community publisher

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.queensparkbooks.org.uk/

Queer Margins

(en) Viewable only on Library premises Queer Margins is a series of conversations with members o... (en) Archived date: 2019-03-19 http://www.queermargins.com/

Rainbow Jews

(en) Viewable only on Library premises Rainbow Jews is a pioneering oral history project showcas... (en) Archived date: 2018-08-23 http://www.rainbowjews.com/

Refugee Stories

(en) Viewable only on Library premises Refugee Stories was a Refugee Communities Heritage Projec... (en) Archived date: 2017-10-12 http://www.interif.org/refugeestories/

Runnymede Trust: The Struggle for Race Equality - An Oral History of the Runnymede Trust, 1968-1988


Sailortown: Stories of the City


Sellafield Stories

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.sellafieldstories.org.uk/

ShefFeministArchive (@ShefFemArchive) on Twitter

A volunteer group building a collection of women's lib ma... (en) Archived date: 2018-09-01 https://twitter.com/@ShefFemArchive/

Sisterhood and After: The Women's Liberation Oral History Project, University of Sussex

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.sussex.ac.uk/clhlwr/research/sisterhoodafter/

Somerset Archives & Local Studies

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www1.somerset.gov.uk/archives/

Somerset Voices Oral History Archive


Songs of Steel Community Oral History Project


Sound Diaries

(en) Viewable only on Library premises Sound Diaries expands awareness of the roles of sound and... (en) Archived date: 2019-03-25 http://www.sound-diaries.co.uk/

Speaking Up For Disability

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.speakingupfordisability.org.uk/

St James War Memorial Project, The

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://thewarmemorial.blogspot.co.uk/

St. Helier Memories: A Community History of St Helier Estate, London

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.heliermemories.org.uk/

Tate Lives: Salvaging the Oral History of the Tate Institute Project

(en) Viewable only on Library premises The aim of this project will be to salvage, document and ... (en) Archived date: 2019-03-19 http://www.tatelivestrail.org.uk/

Tell Me Project, The

(en) Viewable only on Library premises The project gives older residents of the Isle of Man the ... (en) Archived date: 2015-01-27 http://www.thetellmeproject.com/

Testimony - inside stories of mental health care


The Peace Process: Layers of Meaning

(en) Viewable only on Library premises Project website of The Peace Process: Layers of Meaning, ... (en) Archived date: 2018-08-23 http://www.peaceprocesshistory.org/

Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children: An oral history of residential therapeutic care c. 1930 - c. 1980

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.otherpeopleschildren.org.uk/

This is my home now


University of Salford: Worsley New Hall

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.salford.ac.uk/library/about/worsley

Voices in the Visual Arts (VIVA)


Voices of Kosovo in Manchester

(en) Viewable only on Library premises VOKIM, the Voices of Kosovo in Manchester archive, was cr... (en) Archived date: 2019-03-08 http://www.vokim.org

Waltham Forest Oral History Workshop

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.wforalhistory.org.uk/

Whitehawk Primary School On The Homefront

(en) Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.movinghistory.ac.uk/whitehawkhomefront/index.html

Winning Equal Pay - the value of women's work


Workers' War, The - Home Front Recalled