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Live Art

182 (en) sites in collection
  • Stoke Newington International Airport

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises Stoke Newington International Airport was a venue and art...
  • Strength Weekly - my place by David Gale

    David Gale writes plays, performances and events; article... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Stuart Silver

    Stuart Silver is an award-winning screenwriter, televisio... (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14
  • Theatre Bristol

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises Theatre Bristol is a laboratory combining collective acti... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Thompson's Bank of Communicable Desire

    The website of Chris Goode, a writer and theatre producer...
  • Through the Heart - Works on Love, Life and Laughter

    Through their work the artists are investigating the role...
  • Tim Etchells

    This page focuses on Tim Etchells current activities in v... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Trigger

    Trigger is a producing organisation led by Angie Bual, wh... (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14
  • Una White - Name in lights

    Name in Lights was a national competition with the prize ... (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14
  • Unbound

    Unbound is a shop for Live Art books, DVDs and Editions. ... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Unfinished Histories

    Recording the history of Alternative Theatre in the 1960s... (en) Archived date: 2020-01-10
  • University of Bristol Theatre Collection - Live Art Archives

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises All collections held in the Theatre Collection Live Art A... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Unravelling the Carbon Web

    (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14
  • Up Projects

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises UP Projects curates, commissions and produces contemporar... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Ursula Martinez

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises Ursula Martinez is a London based writer, performer and c... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Vacuum Cleaner, The

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises From one man shows to large scale participatory actions, ... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Vacuum Days

    Vacuum Days was a year-long project by the artist Tim Etc...
  • Welcome Home

    Welcome home is a context ? responsive art project lookin... (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14
  • While London Burns, And

    (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14
  • Whitstable Bienniale

    Whitstable Biennale is a festival of performance, film an...
  • Without Walls

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises Without Walls is a consortium of leading arts organisatio... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Wrights & Sites

    Formed in UK, 1997, Wrights & Sites are four artist-resea... (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14
  • Wunderbar

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises Wunderbar is about extraordinary projects conceived by ar...
  • Wunderbar Festival

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises Wunderbar is about extraordinary projects conceived by ar...
  • Yara El-Sherbini

    Yara El-Sherbini is a British Council Artist Fellow. (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Z Productions / Paul Granjon

    Paul Granjon is a performance artist build robots and oth... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29
  • Zero Genie

    Ansuman Biswas and Jem Finer have been working on a serie...
  • Zoo Indigo

    (en) Viewable only on Library premises Zoo Indigo are Ildikˇ Rippel and Rosie Garton. They are a... (en) Archived date: 2017-04-29

    (en) Archived date: 2017-03-18
  • girl jonah

    girl jonah is a duet collaboration between two choreograp...
  • motiroti

    They produced arts and cultural projects that provide voi... (en) Archived date: 2013-10-14