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The UK Web Archive endeavours to capture the UK Web Space as comprehensively as possible for the benefit of future researchers. We do this through a mixed model of annual large scale whole-domain crawls and more selective, curatorial activity, targeting individual websites for special collections.

This is a huge task and naturally, there is a vast amount of web content that we don’t know about. If you own, or know of, a UK website that you think we should be archiving, we would be very pleased to hear from you via the form below. We would also be interested to know if a UK website is about to go offline or be significantly redesigned.

We will be archiving sites:

  1. that are issued from a .uk or other UK geographic top-level domain.
  2. where part of the publishing process takes place in the UK.

We will not be archiving:

  1. sites concerning film and recorded sound where the audio-visual content predominates (but, for example, web pages containing video clips alongside text or images are within scope).
  2. private intranets and emails.
  3. personal data in social networking sites or that are only available to restricted groups.

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