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Viewable only on Library premises StarDot is a community site for Acorn Computers: Atom, BB... Archived date: 2016-02-08 http://www.stardot.org.uk/

Stephanie Shirley, Dame

Viewable only on Library premises Official website of Dame Stephanie Shirley, a British IT ... Archived date: 2015-10-15 http://www.steveshirley.com/


Viewable only on Library premises Website dedicated to the retro computer Tandy-TRS. Archived date: 2015-10-16 http://trs-80.org.uk/

TURING a staged case history

Viewable only on Library premises Thought, life and work of Alan Turing, presented through ... Archived date: 2015-10-06 http://www.turingcasehistory.net/tasch/en/

Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site

Website for users of the retro computer Amstrad. Archived date: 2015-10-21 http://www.ncus.org.uk/

Time-Line Computer Archive

Time-Line Computer Archive Ltd is a not for profit compan... Archived date: 2016-02-04 http://t-lcarchive.org/

Unofficial Amstrad WWW Resource

Viewable only on Library premises A collection of pages dedicated to the Amstrad CPC. Archived date: 2015-10-21 http://www.cpctech.org.uk/

Virtual Acorn

Viewable only on Library premises Virtual Acorn is a UK IT company selling products that al... Archived date: 2015-10-16 http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk/


Software and documentation covering such subjects as Acor... Archived date: 2016-02-08 http://mdfs.net/