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British Book Trade Archives 1830 - 1939

Viewable only on Library premises The aim of this site is to facilitate the research of boo... Archived date: 2015-05-20 http://britishbookarchives.beds.ac.uk/

38th Annual Conference on Book Trade History

The Destruction of Books: Loss, recycling and remaking of... Archived date: 2016-10-04 http://www.aba.org.uk/aba.org.uk/media/Events/BTHC-2016.pdf

ARLIS UK & Ireland: Promoting excellence in library & information provision for the visual arts, architecture & design

ARLIS/UK & Ireland: the Art Libraries Society is the prof... Archived date: 2017-11-23 http://arlis.net/

Aberdeen Bestiary, The

Viewable only on Library premises A twelfth century encyclopedia of the natural world with ... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://www.abdn.ac.uk/bestiary/

Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABA)

the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association is the senior tr... Archived date: 2016-10-04 http://www.aba.org.uk/

Banned Books Week UK

The official website of Banned Books Week UK which, runs ... Archived date: 2018-10-16 https://www.bannedbooksweek.org.uk/

Banned Books Week UK (@BannedWeekUK) on Twitter

Viewable only on Library premises The official Twitter account of Banned Books Week UK whic... Archived date: 2018-10-16 https://twitter.com/BannedWeekUK/

Bookseller, The

Viewable only on Library premises The Bookseller has been the business magazine of the book... Archived date: 2015-09-22 http://www.thebookseller.com/

Brass Book

Brass Book is a project that delves deep into concept of ... Archived date: 2015-06-19 http://brassbook.wordpress.com/

British Book Trade Index

Viewable only on Library premises The British Book Trade Index (BBTI) is an index of the na... Archived date: 2015-05-20 http://bbti.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/

British Library, The: Medieval Manuscripts Blog

The Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts Blog promotes the wo... Archived date: 2015-09-05 http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/digitisedmanuscripts/

Cambridge University Library Special Collections blog

Cambridge University Library’s Special Collections includ... Archived date: 2016-12-17 https://specialcollections.blog.lib.cam.ac.uk/

Celtic Inscribed Stones

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2016-12-16 http://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/cisp/

Centre for Material Texts

The Centre for Material Texts at Cambridge fosters resear... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/cmt/

Charters of William II and Henry I, The

Project website developed and managed by David X Carpente... Archived date: 2016-12-17 https://actswilliam2henry1.wordpress.com/

Collective Investigations

Collective Investigations is a London based artists’ coll... Archived date: 2015-11-11 http://collective-investigations.blogspot.co.uk/

Cyfraith Hywel

This is an University of Wales website covering Cyfraith ... Archived date: 2015-09-21 http://www.cyfraith-hywel.org.uk/

David Shaw's Homepage

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.djshaw.co.uk/


Viewable only on Library premises DigiPal is a new resource for the study of medieval handw... Archived date: 2017-05-23 http://www.digipal.eu/

Durham Liber Vitae Project (DLV)

Viewable only on Library premises The web site of the Durham Liber Vitae Project. This site... Archived date: 2017-09-05 http://www.dlv.org.uk/

Early English Laws

Viewable only on Library premises Early English Laws is a project to publish online and in ... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://www.earlyenglishlaws.ac.uk/

Echoes from the Vault

A blog from the Special Collections of the University of ... Archived date: 2016-12-16 https://standrewsrarebooks.wordpress.com/

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Viewable only on Library premises The Edinburgh International Book Festival began in 1983 a... Archived date: 2017-08-01 https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/

Exeter Working Papers in Book History

The earlier Exeter Working Papers originally appeared as ... Archived date: 2015-05-21 http://bookhistory.blogspot.co.uk/

Henry Steward Publications

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2015-05-23 http://www.henrystewartpublications.com/

Inscriptiones antiquae Orae Septentrionalis Ponti Euxini graecae et latinae (IOSPE³)

Viewable only on Library premises Online third edition of the corpus of ancient inscription... http://iospe.kcl.ac.uk/

Iolo Morgannwg

This project was jointly financed by the AHRC and the Uni... Archived date: 2015-05-14 http://www.iolomorganwg.wales.ac.uk/

Jeanne de Montbaston

Viewable only on Library premises ‘Jeanne de Montbaston’ is the alter ego of Lucy Allen, a ... Archived date: 2016-12-16 https://readingmedievalbooks.wordpress.com/

King's Treasures

Blog on the Special Collections of King's College, Cambri... Archived date: 2016-12-16 https://kcctreasures.wordpress.com/

LIMA: Literary Manuscript Analysis

These pages are designed to provide an advanced introduct... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/ren/projects/lima


A discussion of magazines as a media form, from print thr... Archived date: 2016-06-02 http://timholmes.blogspot.co.uk/

Magforum. Magazines, their past, present and future

Viewable only on Library premises This blog is about magazines and magazine publishing. It ... Archived date: 2016-06-02 https://magforum.wordpress.com/


Viewable only on Library premises A software package created to prepare students for the st... Archived date: 2017-05-23 http://medfrench.leeds.ac.uk/

Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

Viewable only on Library premises Digital images of and information on objects from the Mor... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://www.themorgan.org/collection/medieval-and-renaissance-manuscripts

Medieval Manuscripts Provenance

Viewable only on Library premises A blog about provenance-related discoveries, observations... Archived date: 2016-12-16 https://mssprovenance.blogspot.co.uk/

Network for the Study of Caroline Minuscule

Viewable only on Library premises A forum for scholars interested in the study of manuscrip... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://carolinenetwork.weebly.com/

Old English Course Pack

Viewable only on Library premises This site is designed to help students study several of t... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://english.nsms.ox.ac.uk/oecoursepack/

Old Library at Trinity Hall, The

This blog begins by documenting some of the stages in the... Archived date: 2016-12-16 https://oldlibrarytrinityhall.wordpress.com/

Parker Library blog

Viewable only on Library premises The Parker Library is the rare books and manuscripts libr... Archived date: 2016-12-16 https://theparkerlibrary.wordpress.com/

Patricia Lovett MBE

Patricia Lovett is a professional calligrapher and illumi... Archived date: 2016-12-16 http://www.patricialovett.com/

Proving House

Viewable only on Library premises Proving House is a publishing company based in East Londo... Archived date: 2015-09-16 http://www.provinghousedigital.com/

Publishers Association, The (PA)

The Publishers Association is the leading representative ... Archived date: 2015-07-21 http://www.publishers.org.uk/


Viewable only on Library premises Quadrivium offers annual skills training to postgraduates... Archived date: 2016-12-16 http://quadriviumnetwork.com/

Queens' Old Library Blog

Viewable only on Library premises This blog aims to explore and talk about the rare books a... Archived date: 2016-12-16 https://queenslib.wordpress.com/

Records of Early English Drama North-East

Viewable only on Library premises An international project to assemble a complete survey of... Archived date: 2017-05-05 http://community.dur.ac.uk/reed.ne/

Society of Authors, The

The Society of Authors serves the interests of profession... Archived date: 2015-07-22 http://www.societyofauthors.org/

Teaching the Codex

Viewable only on Library premises Teaching the Codex was launched with a colloquium at Mert... Archived date: 2016-12-17 https://teachingthecodex.wordpress.com/

The History of Sun Engraving and Sun Printers

Website telling the story of a group of interrelated prin... Archived date: 2016-06-02 http://www.sunprintershistory.com

The St Albans Psalter Project

Viewable only on Library premises This web site aims to display the St Albans psalter in su... Archived date: 2016-12-17 http://www.abdn.ac.uk/stalbanspsalter/