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About Us

What do we do?

The UK Web Archive aims to collect all UK websites at least once per year.

Websites constitute a significant witness to our times. However, it is typical for them to be created quickly, changed regularly and sometimes to disappear altogether often without notice. Despite this lack of permanence, the UK Web Archive attempts to collect, preserve and give access to this material for current and future researchers of all kinds, from scholars and professionals to family historians and those with a general interest.

We perform an automated collection of UK websites (otherwise known as a ‘crawl’) at least once a year in order to capture as many websites as we can. This results in a collection of many millions of websites and billions of individual "assets" (html pages, images, pdf’s, video’s etc.).

We also collect a number of important websites more frequently (up to daily). These are often, though not always, news websites.

In addition, our curators and other experts, regularly focus on collecting websites on specific events, subjects or areas of interest and group them in Topics and Themes.

Only material publicly available on the open Web is collected. We do not collect private information such as emails or content behind a login. Only a very limited amount of social media is archived due to technical difficulties.

See our FAQs for more information.

Server cluster for big data storage
Reading room at The British Library

Who are we?

The UK Web Archive is a collaboration between all of the UK Legal Deposit Libraries:

  • Bodleian Libraries, Oxford University
  • British Library
  • Cambridge University Libraries
  • National Library of Scotland
  • National Library of Wales
  • Trinity College, Dublin

Help us build the archive

Even though we aim to collect as much of the UK Web as possible, we miss many websites as we cannot automatically identify them as being UK. If you know of a UK website that should be preserved, please suggest it here.

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