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1915 then and now

?1915: then and now? will inspire young people across Swa... Archived date: 2018-05-22 https://1915thenandnow.wordpress.com/

"Cornwall Remembers" Schools Project

The project is part of our commemorative activities marki... Archived date: 2016-04-22 http://www.cornwallremembers.org.uk/

'100 faces 100 stories'

'100 faces 100 stories' is a Cornwall-wide partnership pr... Archived date: 2016-04-27 http://www.100firstworldwarstories.co.uk/

'Dear Harry... '- Henry Moseley: A Scientist Lost to War, Museum of the History of Science

Henry ?Harry? Moseley was an exceptionally promising youn... Archived date: 2016-01-28 http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/moseley/

'Gone but not forgotten' - remembering those from Petersfield affected by the First World War

Project to commemorate the impact of the First World War ... Archived date: 2016-04-22 http://www.petersfieldmuseum.co.uk/

'Home Fires' Newhaven & Seaford WW1 oral history project

Archived date: 2016-03-23 http://www.inroads.org.uk/home-fires.html

'Let slip the dogs of war': World War One, Stratford and Shakespeare

Project will use items from the Shakespeare Birthplace Tr... Archived date: 2016-05-10 http://findingshakespeare.co.uk/

'Neither King nor Kaiser': Empire, War and Rebellion in Ireland, 1912-1919

This project is built around a lecture series and include... Archived date: 2016-03-04 http://www.bwchg.com/

'On Her Their Lives Depend': Greater Manchester Women and the Great War

This project will focus on the First World War and it?s i... Archived date: 2016-04-27 https://onhertheirlivesdepend.wordpress.com/

'Our 15: remembered lives'

Project to stage an exhibition and produce one or more pu... Archived date: 2016-05-09 http://www.wansteadurc.btck.co.uk/

'WW1 Commemorative Showcase' : a collaborative Park-wide Heritage presentation of communities' service, spirit and sacrifice

Project inviting over 27 Heritage groups to take part in ... Archived date: 2016-05-04 https://www.thecommunitypartnership.org.uk/project/communities-commemorate-ww1-service-spirit-and-sacrifice/

100 Pictures - 100 Pages

A creative writing project for Liverpool people, of all b... Archived date: 2016-04-25 https://northendwriters.wordpress.com/

100 Years Ago: A series of WW1 centenary events focused on Merthyr Tydfil

An exhibition that tells the stories of Merthyr people du... Archived date: 2016-04-12 https://www.historypin.org/channels/view/57122/

100 Years And Still Serving

Viewable only on Library premises Sight Support Derbyshire was awarded funding by the Herit... Archived date: 2017-11-09 http://www.sightsupportderbyshire.org.uk/100_years_and_still_serving/

10th Chippenham Air Scouts Troup: Mons-Le Cateau 2014

Project engaging young people with the First World War. A... Archived date: 2015-04-23 http://www.chippenhamairscouts.org.uk/index.php/mons-lecateau2014/mons-le-cateau-2014

14-18 NOW

Archived date: 2014-05-02 http://www.1418now.org.uk/

14-18 NOW: Letter to an Unknown Soldier

Archived date: 2014-08-28 http://www.1418now.org.uk/letter/

1914 - 1918: The Ayrshire Experience

Project to exhibit collections from Museums, Libraries an... Archived date: 2016-05-05 http://www.futuremuseum.co.uk/

1914 - 1918: The Ayrshire Experience

Project to exhibit collections from Museums, Libraries an... Archived date: 2016-05-05 http://www.ayrshirecollections.co.uk/

1914 - 1921 Lest we forget, each one was some mother's son

Archived date: 2015-12-10 http://www.henley-lestweforget.co.uk/

1914-1918 Richmond at Home and at War

Richmond at Home and at War is a research project on the ... Archived date: 2016-01-27 https://richmondww1.wordpress.com/

A Century of Stories

A Century of Stories explores the social history surround... Archived date: 2016-01-27 http://www.centuryofstories.org.uk/

A Christmas Truce

Shared learning and exploration project for the Pennine L... Archived date: 2016-05-05 http://www.midpenninearts.org.uk/truce

A Land Fit for Heroes: exhibition and engagement programme at the People's History Museum

Project to explore how individuals and their organisation... Archived date: 2016-05-05 https://www.flickr.com/photos/peopleshistorymuseum/sets/72157645822460805/

A Tale of One City

Project to tell the story of some of the people who took ... Archived date: 2016-03-09 http://www.ataleofonecity.portsmouth.gov.uk/

A Zeppelin Over Yarwell

Archived date: 2014-10-10 http://azeppelinoveryarwell.weebly.com/

A major street photography exhibition serving as a gateway to the centenary of WW1

An easily-accessed and free street photography exhibition... Archived date: 2016-04-20 http://www.fieldsofbattle1418.org/

Aberdeen and The Great War

Impact of the Great War on the people of Aberdeen, educat... Archived date: 2018-05-21 https://aberdeenandthegreatwar.wordpress.com/tag/st-machar/

Aberdeen and the Great War

Viewable only on Library premises Welcome to Aberdeen and the Great War. This blog is an ar... Archived date: 2018-01-12 https://aberdeenandthegreatwar.wordpress.com/

Accessing and Screening WW1 Archive by training volunteers

The project will train six volunteers to catalogue hither... Archived date: 2016-05-10 http://www.artsalive.co.uk/Projects/WW1-Archive.aspx

Achi Baba - Gallipoli 1915 was supported by Heritage Lottery Fund - Then and Now.

Viewable only on Library premises Achi Baba - Gallipoli 1915 was supported by Heritage Lott... Archived date: 2017-11-08 http://www.magictorchcomics.co.uk/achi-baba/

Africans and West Indians at War

Although most people?s impression of the First World War ... Archived date: 2018-01-12 http://african-caribbeanregiments.co.uk/

Aldershot Military Festival 23-29 June 2014

The Festival covers community engagement with the Army. I... Archived date: 2016-04-13 http://www.armyshow.co.uk/

All The Kings Cliffe Men

Project to identify all of the men from Kings Cliffe who ... Archived date: 2016-04-28 http://www.kingscliffeheritage.org/

Amersham WW1 Memorial Record - bringing our heritage to life

Project enabling, a 'Record' to be prepared relating to a... Archived date: 2016-05-05 http://amershamhistory.info/research/wwi/amersham-remembers/

Amington War Memorial

The focus for the project is a World War 1 War Memorial i... Archived date: 2016-04-12 http://www.amingtonwarmemorial.com

An fheadainn tha laighe samhach: They lie still and silent

A physical exhibition, using artefacts gathered from the ... Archived date: 2016-05-05 http://guthan.wordpress.com

Arming All Sides

Archived date: 2014-08-29 http://armingallsides.on-the-record.org.uk/

Ash In World War I

Project using an archive centre attached to Ash Village H... Archived date: 2016-04-22 http://ashheritage.blogspot.co.uk/

Ashton Grammar School memorial project, The

Project to get a wooden memorial conserved and displayed ... Archived date: 2016-04-25 http://www.ashtongrammar.co.uk/ww1.htm

Ashton at War a community hub involving pupils, parents, ex-pupils who served in WW1

Project to utilise the history of Ashton Middle School an... Archived date: 2016-05-05 http://ashtonatwar.weebly.com/

Aylesbury War Memorials

Project focussing on the many war memorials in Aylesbury,... Archived date: 2016-04-22 http://www.historypin.org/en/explore/first-world-war-centenary/aylesbury-war-memorial-project/

Battle Of Coronel Commemoration Project

The Battle of Coronel Commemoration Project will create a... Archived date: 2016-04-27 http://musikomusika.org/special_projects.php

Because we are here

Archived date: 2016-12-17 https://becausewearehere.co.uk/

Bedford Physical Training College - Wartime Stories

This project will tell the unknown stories of Bedford Phy... Archived date: 2014-04-14 http://bedfordptstories.blogspot.co.uk/

Beer Village Remembers

Viewable only on Library premises Welcome to Beer Village Remembers - a website based aroun... Archived date: 2017-12-01 http://www.beervillageremembers.org.uk/

Berkshire in the First World War

The project will digitize newspapers, street directories,... Archived date: 2016-04-27 http://www.berkshirestories.org.uk/

Bernard Gilpin- Forgive but never forget

Project to explore the lives of the 236 local men whose n... Archived date: 2016-04-25 http://www.bernardgilpin.com/world-war-1-adventure/4587169806

Bethesda Our Boys WW1 Exhibition

Viewable only on Library premises When we started this project we knew very little of Bethe... Archived date: 2017-11-14 http://www.bethesda-stoke.info/index.php/bethesda-our-boys-ww1-exhibition/

Beverley Centenary Day 2014

Project aiming to add to the Armed Forces Day which hosts... Archived date: 2016-04-12 http://www.beverleyarmedforcesday.co.uk/